Jellycat Soft Toys – The Perfect Gifts For Babies

Jellycat Soft Toys – The Perfect Gifts For Babies

If you're a parent of a small child then you’ll no doubt have heard of Jellycat – the luxury soft toy brand that’s taken the market by storm.

Babies and children are captivated by the toys, which are luxuriously soft and marvellously quirky. Loveable and unusual, the gorgeous creatures have become hug-and-hold companions for children across the world. We’ve rounded up everything you might want to know about Jellycat soft toys for babies, including what makes the brand so special.

Anything but ordinary Jellycat soft toys are different, and that’s why we love them. The eclectic selection of animals and natural wonders, such as rainbows and clouds, makes them not just collectible but educational, too.


Whether you’re into adorable avocados or silky-soft slugs, you’ll find what you’re looking for in a Jellycat toy. If it’s cheeky and cute that you’re after, then an Amuseable Cloud, Amuseable Cherry, Amuseable Ice-cream, Amuseable Mushroom or Amuseable Pineapple might take your fancy. Or, if you’re after educational with an edge, the Jellycat Ocean Life collection includes exotic creatures such as Sol Squid, Larry Lobster, Candie Octopus, Stanley Slug and Stan Stingray.

The perfect cuddly keepsake

Unlike some children’s toys which get tossed aside when there's a new plaything in town, soft toys are treasured and consistent features of children’s lives from birth. We can all remember our favourite cuddly companions, for whom hug-ability was as important as design.

Jellycat toys are velvety soft as well as durable, meaning your little one can cuddle their furry friends from birth into toddlerhood and beyond.

Safe for babies and perfect for prams

According to Jellycat, every toy it sells from the UK is rigorously tested to the European Safety Standard.

Jellycat states that all of its toys are tested for any age suitability – meaning that unless a toy carries a specific safety recommendation or suitability message, a Jellycat toy is safe for all ages from birth.


What’s more, collections such the Bashfuls range offer an irresistible selection of Jellycat soft toys for babies. Among others, the range includes a Bashful Cat, Bashful Bunny, Bashful Flamingo, Bashful Dragon and Bashful Otter.

For babies who like to be entertained on the go, the Jellycat pram toys range is equally charming, including creatures such as the Cordy Roy Baby Flamingo and Cordy Roy Baby Elephant Jitter.

Music to your little one’s ears


If it’s Jellycat musical toys that you’re after, Jellycat offers a Musical Pull range, too. This includes colourful characters such as Blossom Tulip Bunny Star, and Lollopylou, as well as the Little Star Musical Pull, which plays Brahms' Lullaby when baby tugs.

From marvellous to mundane: can Jellycat toys be washed?

If you’re a mum of a child who’s very attached to their cuddly toy, you’ll be all-too-aware of the panic that sets in if said cuddle-panion needs a wash. Don’t worry, we’ve checked the Jellycat washing instructions so that you don’t have to.


Jellycat states that, although some soothers and comforters are suitable for a cool machine wash (which will be detailed on the sew-in label), unless otherwise stated, the toys should be surface washed with soap rinsed with cool water.

It also recommends fur is dried with a hair dryer with little or no heat.

So what are you waiting for?


There you have it, a roundup of some of the cutest toys known to babies and children. If you want a unique baby gift that will stand the test of time, shop the Jellycat collection now.

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