Drink Up! Pinball Drinking Game


This quirky portable game features a miniature pinball drinking game design - so whether you're at home, on holiday or at a party, this game is perfect to keep the drinks and laughs flowing!

The game starts with the tallest person in the group. The first player shoots one pinball into the chamber, wherever the ball lands, the player must complete the action. If the pinball lands on 'Designate Drink', the player must choose one other player to drink. If the pinball lands in the safe zone, the player is extremely lucky and takes no action. Once the player's go I complete, they must pass the pinball machine to the next player in a clockwise direction.

(Dimensions: Height: 21.5cm; Width: 13.5cm; Depth: 2.0cm)

(This game is only suitable for adults aged 18 or over)

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