It’s all just a bunch of hocus pocus…

It’s all just a bunch of hocus pocus…

Whether you plan to cosy up on the sofa watching your favourite spooky film, or you’ve already practised your Halloween make-up look for the Halloween party of the century, we’ve got everything you need to make the 31st a night to remember.

Sanderson sister wannabes will love our Halloween party suggestions, with everything from creepy popcorn to witch fingers on the menu. But we know that not everyone likes to be scared-silly by Halloween, so don’t worry! If you’re more a fan of treats than tricks, you can avoid the ghosts and ghouls with our suggestions for the perfect Halloween night in. 



Here are two of our favourite ways to spend All Hallows Eve, and some ideas to help you get the most from your night.

Halloween Parties at Home

The best Halloween parties are always the ones you throw yourself, but planning ahead can make the world of difference when it comes to turning party staples into delicacies of the un-dead.

Whether you’re hosting for adults or children, it’s a good idea to think about every aspect of your party in advance to ensure you don’t waste any opportunities for some extra shrieks!

Monster Menus


With just a few extra touches, ordinary party foods can become foods that are altogether more gruesome. BBC Good Food have a whole page of Halloween inspired recipes and Good Housekeeping have a suggestion of 50 Halloween inspired snacks, but just in case you’re looking for something that’s a bit less faff, we’ve picked a few of the easiest ways to turn your party food from great to ghoulish.

Green Slime Popcorn

We’ve seen this recipe trending in quite a few places this year, and it’s ridiculously easy to make. Just make your popcorn as you usually would (or buy it in the shop!), then melt butter and marshmallows together in a separate pan. Add green food dye to your marshmallow mixture, pour it over your popcorn, and add some edible googly eyes. Serve your slimy, green popcorn in our Halloween Frankie Treat Bowl and it’ll be the main event!

Sausage Mummies

Another easy recipe that’s super simple to make with very few ingredients! All you need are sausages, puff pastry (ready made), and a tiny bit of mustard. Cut your puff pastry sheet into long strips and wrap them around sausages. Bake in the oven until the sausages are cooked and the pastry is golden. Dot the mustard on your mummy to make eyes!

Spider Web Oreos

Oreos coated in chocolate will never not be a winner, and it’s really easy to give them a spooky twist. All you need are biscuits, melted milk chocolate, melted white chocolate, and a cocktail stick. Dip your biscuits into the melted milk chocolate and lay them flat. Pour your melted white chocolate into a piping bag (homemade with parchment paper is a quick alternative) and draw circles of white on top of the biscuit. Drag a cocktail stick through the chocolate to make a spider web, and leave to set in the fridge.

Top tip: Packs of edible googly eyes can give any food a Halloween twist, but it’s typical that when you go looking you won’t find them, so grab them when you can!

Of course, if you’d rather put your energy into your Halloween decorations, our chocolate Spooktacular Skulls and Ghastly Ghouls will make a centrepiece that everyone will want to devour.

Halloween Hand Decorated Chocolate Ghastly Ghosts

Devilish Decorations

No Halloween party is complete without a haunted house atmosphere. If you love to DIY it, bats dangling from the ceiling and witch silhouettes will always hit the right note, but if you’re looking for something more sophisticated to truly wow your guests, check out our Halloween Singing Skeleton!  

For adults only events, this sensor activated Slashing Clown Decoration will truly give them a fright...

For less scary ornaments, take a look at our Halloween spider, Shaking Ghosts, and LED Spider Web curtain.


Terrifying Tableware

Now that you’ve got food and decorations sorted, it’s a given that your table arrangement has to be in-keeping with your theme! Think about placing your bat shaped sandwiches on our Pumpkin Party Paper Plates and pouring punch into our Pumpkin Party Paper Cups.

Halloween Movie Nights

If your Halloween ritual is to watch Hocus Pocus, Casper, or perhaps something completely scare-free, you can still get into the spooky spirit!

Treat yourself to tasty Witch Fingers and get the children dressed up ready for the film screening.

chocoloco halloween witches fingers

Party Games and Activities

Before the film begins, why not play some simple Halloween games that’ll have you all giggling in no-time.

Swap traditional bobbing apples for the more delicious doughnut option! String some mini doughnuts onto a piece of string, and get one person to hold each end of the string. See how tricky it can be to eat the doughnut off the string - without it dropping on the floor.

The toilet paper game... Choose one person to be the mummy, and use a toilet roll to turn them into one! Wrap the paper around them, and see how realistic you can make your mummy look.

If you’d rather relax than get messy, why not host a pre-film pamper party? Treat yourself to our Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Facemasks, and Bath Fizzer before the show begins.

Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Face Masks - Jack

Get Dressed Up

Getting dressed up to watch a film will elevate your evening to new heights, and it’s never been easier to find affordable and adorable Halloween costumes. Little ones will love our Sequin Halloween Masks or Bat Headband, and no witch can cast her spells without a sparkly Witch’s Hat.

Finding your Familiar

Of course, you can’t watch a film without your familiar, and our range of Halloween Soft Toys are perfect for the occasion!

Charlie bear trick

However you plan to spend spooky-season, make sure you take a look at our Halloween range for more spine-tingling inspiration, and have a fa-boo-lous time!

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